Lithium-Ion Solar Storage Batteries

is Lithium-Ion battery good for solar storage?Investing in a solar panel energy system is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint and harness the most renewable energy available to us. It’s also an excellent way to reduce the utility bills and save money. Whether it’s for storing energy for a backup power source or a primary power source. One of the keys to having a reliable and efficient off-grid solar panel power system is to have good solar battery storage. To make sure that you will have a stable flow of power.

Before, lead-acid batteries are the best type of power cell to use in such systems. However, the introduction of Lithium-ion solar storage battery in the market made a lot of impacts. Despite its higher price tag, using this more sophisticated type of battery offers a cleaner and more reliable operation. It also offers quieter operation that can be very beneficial to homeowners. Here we are going to take a look at the advantages of using Li-ion batteries as solar energy storage. We are also going to tackle the certain specifications to use when it comes to evaluating a battery for a solar panel power grid.

Choosing the Right Battery for A Solar Panel Grid

Having a stable and reliable off-grid solar panel system provides a lot of benefits, but it also has to have the right components. Picking the right battery for storing solar energy is crucial to make sure that the system you will install can handle all the electrical load you will have. Listed below are the specifications that will help you choose the best battery for your off-grid power source.

The Battery’s Capacity and Power

In choosing solar energy storage, one of the most important things to consider is the capacity of the battery. The maximum amount of electrical energy that it can store which is measured in kilowatt hours. These batteries are stackable that gives you an option to use a string of multiple batteries for higher capacity. Along with the battery capacity, you will also have to consider the power rating of the battery. While the battery capacity indicates the amount of energy it can store, power rating, on the other hand, indicated the amount of energy the battery can provide, measured in kilowatts.

To give you an idea of how these two are related. Just keep in mind that a power cell with high storage capacity but low power rating will provide you low electricity for long periods of time. It can only be enough to run a handful of demanding appliances. Then a power cell having a high power rating but low capacity will be able to provide you high amounts of electricity for only a short time. It can run the entire electrical grid of your home but just for several hours.

The Depth of Discharge of the Battery

DoD or the depth of discharge indicates the amount of its capacity that has been used. It refers how much of the battery’s stored charge was used. All batteries available in the market has a specific amount of depth of discharge specified by manufacturers to maintain optimal performance. Keep in mind that using a battery and draining it to the last drop of its stored charge will significantly shorten its service life. Ideally, you have to go for a battery that has a high specific DoD because it allows you to use the most of its stored charge without risking its service life.

Life Expectancy of the Battery

You also want to have a reliable solar battery that will provide a longer service life. Battery life is measured in cycles, which is also reflected in its charge and discharge routine. For a solar power grid, batteries cycle daily. That means the more cycles a solar battery has the better. However, batteries naturally lose their ability to store charge over time and manufacturers usually provide guarantees on how many cycles a battery will have including the estimated percent of degradation. If a battery has a guaranteed 5000 cycles at 70%. This means that it will last up to 5000 charge-discharge cycles and it will lose 30% percent of its capacity throughout its service life.

Final Thoughts

Following these specifications, you can make sure that you will get the best battery for your solar panel power grid. Despite the expensive price, considering to use Lithium-ion solar batteries is a good thing. Compared to lead-acid batteries, they offer more cycles, higher storage capacity and better power rating. They are considered to be the ideal choice for installing a reliable power system for years.

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